Executive Assessment

When assessing senior executives, either for external recruitment or internal promotion purposes, it is critical that the assessment process used is of the highest quality due to the high potential risks involved for organizations. The target group for this service is external candidates for executive roles, internal promotions into executive roles and nominees for the executive pipeline. The aim of the assessment is to measure the gap on leadership competencies and to recommend actions for bridging the gap. It has both a selection and a developmental purpose.

The approach consists of tools and techniques that complement each other by providing multiple sources of information to validate or challenge findings. It is about understanding the motivation, alues and drives, potential risk and derailment areas and about providing a unique benchmark perspective.

GAPI’s executive assessment service activities include:

  • Competency based and track record based interview by two senior psychologists.
  • Psychometric testing on personality, motivation, values and potential derailment and risk factors.
  • Feedback interview by a senior psychologist.
  • Development based report with the aim of a seemless on-boarding process.

A respectful encounter to explore potential and leadership style and recommend actions to bridge a possible gap.