Leadership Development

We understand how people learn, their motivation and response to change and offer powerful and practical solutions in leadership development for individuals and teams. The depth and quality of GAPI Consult member solutions are further enhanced through our ability to integrate challenges and issues in assessment and diversity faced by organizations.

Our clients value our innovative, insightful and inclusive approaches to management development. We have established a strong track record for supporting organizations to ensure that they bring out the best in their people and acknowledge individual talents.

At the heart of our leadership development philosophy is the belief that the core responsibility for development lies with the individual, but that the organization should provide enriching, challenging experiences that provoke the desire to develop. In designing and delivering our leadership development services, we draw on our expertise in creating powerful learning environments and on our many years of providing insightful feedback based on skilled observation.

In many instances we have provided sustained follow-up for managers through intensive coaching, supporting the implementation of learning at work and encouraging the delivery of commitments to
agreed timescales.

Bring out the best in people and
acknowledge individual talents.